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The Foundation:

  • reviews all applications that meet the requirements for applications listed below. Usually it does not approve applications from tenants whom it believes can afford rents higher than ours. The maximum acceptable income is not a fixed number but is determined for each application of the basis of information provided by the applicant.
  • uses a standard lease, renewed annually and updated periodically. 
  • requires every adult who has income or wages to sign the lease and be responsible for payment of the rent.
  • provides a stove but expects tenants to provide their own refrigerators.
  • requires tenants to pay for their own utilities
  • provides help with closing costs to encourage families who become able to buy homes and move out of the Foundation’s property, thus making Foundation property available for less affluent families.
  • complies with City Statutes and Ordinances with respect to the number of people who may occupy a a duplex unit and the requirement that children of opposite sexes older than a specified age have separate bedrooms.
  • does not require any tenant to vacate except for non-payment of rent, violation of conditions of the lease, or violation of City Statutes and Ordinances.
  • asks, but does not require, tenants to move from three bed room to two bed room duplex units if their needs become less and assists them in making the move if they do so.
  • does not permit pets.

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